by Big Sherb

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This album is our debut EP as a four-piece. It represents our first year together as a band, as well as the development of songwriting that ensued.


released April 11, 2015

We tracked all instruments in January, 2015 at Elm Street Recording in Lansing, MI, with the help of engineer, Ryan Wert. All songs mastered by Kevin Pritchard.

Album artwork by Christina Waggoner
Design by Gordie Morton



all rights reserved


Big Sherb Grand Rapids, Michigan

In the fall of 2013, another band's last minute cancelation left room for Adam Marth, Curtis Kuipers, and Ryan Heisler to perform a set of mostly improvised music along with a few loosely structured tunes at a rock ‘n’ roll nightclub in Central Michigan. The addition of multi-instrumentalist Ben Charles came shortly thereafter, giving way to the conception of a project called Big Sherb. ... more

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Track Name: Intact
Don't speak, you're thinking too loud
Outta drown the sound of a crowd
But there's too much of it floating around
Keep your head intact
Cold feet shifting the weight
Of an old, stubborn frame
You could get a grip on all your loose ends
Feel your fingers slip on all your loose ends

Have you weighted to long
They're talking like they used to since you've been gone
As quick as vacancy comes
They say you're living too slow
Living too slow

I am not opposed
But man, its like you're giving up
And it feels like everybody else is coming undone
So why must you only compare to the ones who fuck it up
See, we're all faking it until we know better

What gives? You claim to be the better one
Would you give it all away for love?
And your still trying to separate your broken heart
Don't you know that there's still much more

I cannot control myself
And I don't know about you, but it feels alright
Throw it to the wind tonight
And I can promise you, the breeze will ease your mind
Track Name: Juice
What you got is incomplete
If you don't feel it in your feet
So come and get down girl
There ain't time to rectify
All those things you've compromised
So come and get down girl
Don't you think its worth a try?
I'm just here to get you high
You got to give it up
If you could feel the same
You'd give it back in the same way

You know I told you this before
You got to keep it funky

You can show me how you jive
When I cannot keep my time
If you need more, just a little bit, then I'm gonna play it til your feeling fly
You ain't gotto take it from me
Its just an offer, that you could foster
But I gotto let you know now,
That you need

Can't you feel the space recede
Between your thoughts between your feet
You're dialing me up at four in the morning
Without warning, ain't gonna do you any good
You got to get on girl
Worth the wait
Worth a try
Get the juice or get with my vibe
You know you need it
If you could make the change
You'd give it back quit acting your age
Track Name: Stranger In the Alps
There's a comfort to my sin
If its different than yours don't tell me
And though I would hold back
I ain't quick to judge this time

If you keep blending all of your shades
Are you learning from a past mistake?
If it feels alright
I'm going to soak it up slow
You're colors are reciprocated

And its not to early for a chance
We've bound our hearts before
But we can take them back
Go ahead and lay it on me
We all come in the same way

If you think that your flower is too quick to bloom
But you're really going to downplay the meaning of it
Though your tense is true
Well I would be lying if I said it's up to you

So unsure with good intent
You know there's beauty in this home
Why do you beat yourself up?
Tell it like it is my friend

Are you measuring life around a task?
And if it will turn you into the better man,
Then why are you alone without a fragment of regret my friend